Rua dos Amores Ao Vivo


About the Album

The concept of the documentary "Um olhar íntimo" (“A closer look”) by Adriana Penna which accompanying the DVD – directed by Hugo Prata – "Rua dos Amores Ao Vivo" was to capture the backstage mood during live shows DVD recordings, which also generated a CD, amongst Djavan and his fellow musicians, but one of its main focus was also of scrutinizing the relationship Djavan has with his music and the musicians accompanying him.

According to Djavan's musicians, playing with him is a pleasurable experience where the music and the artist's sensibility leads the musicians in a natural and organic way unique to Djavan's character and generosity towards his work. At some point during the documentary, Djavan points out that although the recordings can be quite tiring, since every single aspect of the shows are meticulously thought through from costumes, photography, audio and he loves his job and enjoys every aspect of it all.

The album and live DVD, according to the artist, had its starting point the reunion with a group of musicians with which he had worked years ago, except the trumpeter Jesse Sadoc who accompanied him back in 2012. "Everyone is a little more mature, including me", "I realized then that this present tour would be a absolute wonder!". Djavan also note that there isn't a formula for a successful repetoire, but the need to merge new songs with established successes is, for him, a deep musical exercise. How to interpret  "Flor de Lis ", "Sina ", " Samurai ", " Oceano", after so many years without sounding repeated and out of date? The result is the wonderful collaborative creation with his band of musicians in a engaging musical atmosphere, full of nuances, timbre and arrangements that flirt with jazz, soul and samba. This defines the sound and scene of "Rua dos Amores Ao Vivo".

From the 2012 studio album, Djavan brings to the live shows "Rua dos Amores” a funkier "Pecado", and the beautiful "Já não somos dois" and "Vive", which have been previously recorded by Maria Bethânia, on her 2011 album, "Oásis de Bethania". "Anjo de vitrô”  is framed by a jazzy feel and the ballad "BangalIo" flirts with a blues kind of sound. In "Ares Sutis” , Djavan 's lyrics remember the poem “Tobacaria” by Álvaro de Campos, pseudonym of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, in verses like "The more I know/least I know who I am /I do not know if I'm both".

The singer-songwriter highlights moments of his career, like his first hit "Flor de Lis"  from his first studio album "A voz, o violão, a música de Djavan" of 1976. From the album "Djavan" of 1978 , he revives "Serrado" and "Seduzir" of 1981. From that same year, the album "Alumbramento" he revives "Meu bem querer". Djavan also adds to the mix songs that consolidated his musical career as one of the greatest Brazilian artists, they are "Luz", "Samurai" and "Sina".
All these songs from the 1980´s, shows how timelessness his work is, confirming the makings of this great artist.  Still from the 80's, Djavan brings "Asa", from the album "Meu lado" (1986); "Doidice" , from the great "Não é azul, mas é mar" (1987), and four more songs from the 1989 album "Djavan". The audience is also treated to remastered songs like "Se" , "Coisa de acender" and "Irmã de neon". Also there,  "Nem um dia" , from the beautiful but little remembered album, "Malásia" (1996).

The CD features 15 of the 24 tracks on the DVD plus a bonus track, "Maledeto". "Rua dos Amores Ao Vivo" is therefore a sensitive and thoughtful collection of songs from one of the greatest Brazilian musicians.

João Pimentel
March 2014



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